April Meeting Summary


First Generation Iowa

Presenter: Kelly Strang, Tutor Coordinator at TRiO Student Support Services and advisor of First Generation Iowa

First Generation Iowa is a student organization that brings first generation students together and supports them in making the most of their years as a Hawkeye. Kelly Strang along with three members of First Generation Iowa presented on what this organization does to help first generation students at Iowa. Founded in 2009 by five first generation students this group currently has around sixty members. Meeting are held in the various cultural centers on campus and meeting topics range from filling out the FAFSA to finding internships and research opportunities. First Generation Iowa holds social events once a month and is very active in the Iowa City community; members serve as role models to students in the Upward Bound program. SST members also had the opportunity to ask these three first generation students questions about how we can better serve this student population. The students’ suggestions included providing bilingual information for parents, understanding how to navigate campus, and finding networks of student, faculty, and staff that are also first generation. Please click here for the First Generation Iowa presentation.


New West-side Residence Hall:

Presenter: Kate Fitzgerald, Director of Residence Life

Construction will begin on a new residence hall in the west-side area this summer. Opening in 2015 this 10 story residence hall will be located where Lot 13 currently resides. Floors two through seven will be pods designed with LLC specifically in mind, and will include lounge, study, and dining areas. Floors eight through ten will include both pods and an open floor plan with single room capabilities. This new residence hall will also provide a commons area for the west-side neighborhood. It will include a multipurpose room, a study area with an open space and smaller rooms, and a bleacher area where students can gather and watch TV. The food venue will be designed like a sports grill and will be Hawkeye themed.


Peer Educator Committee Update:

Presenter: Diane Hauser, Associate Director, Academic Programs and Student Development, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

 Diane Hauser gave an update on the Peer Educator Committee which is charged with: creating a taxonomy of peer educator programs at Iowa, identifying opportunities for cross collaboration and training among the different programs, and determining how to best incorporate reflection into the programs. So far the committee, chaired by Tina Arthur, has identified 30 peer educator programs at Iowa for a total of over 800 peer educators campus wide. The committee defined the different types of peer educator, such as peer tutor and peer mentor, and has determined areas for cross training. Currently the committee is determining how reflection could be incorporated into these programs.


General Announcements:

Hire a Hawk is now free for students.

The Community Based Learning Program (CBLP) is offering a new service learning course where students will have the opportunity to spend a large amount of class hours working in the community. CBLP also has a new online system that allows students to log involvement hours and evaluate their experience working in the community.