February Meeting Summary

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Wayne Jacobson presented on the Student Experience in Research Universities (SERU) survey. Please click here for a pdf of Wayne’s presentation. For more information visit the SERU website at  http://uc.uiowa.edu/tell-us. Please feel free to contact Wayne (wayne-jacobson@uiowa.edu) with any questions about his presentation.

Kelly Bender, the Campus-Community Harm Reduction Initiatives Coordinator, spoke about the messages that we give to our students about alcohol. Kelly’s message challenged the traditional “If you drink, be safe” message that many students hear from faculty, staff, and other students on campus. Instead, Kelly suggested that delaying drinking is the most student success oriented message we can convey. Kelly’s presentation focused in on the importance of giving students a message that states they should think about delaying drinking, which will have positive effects on their academic performance and health in the long run. Please click here for a pdf of Kelly’s presentation. Please feel free to contact Kelly (kelly-bender@uiowa.edu) with any questions, comments, or concerns about this topic.