Moving Forward Together


Our Vision

“What broad vision do we have for what students of color will experience at The University of Iowa?”

The University of Iowa will promote an environment and atmosphere that is safe, engaging and inclusive for all students, faculty and staff of color. In keeping with the Hawkeye Spirit, the educational experience will be nurturing, challenging and transformative.

(“Refining Our Vision” Work Group: Cathy Colony Bunnell (Center for Diversity & Enrichment), Wayne Fett (Recreational Services), David Grady (Student Services), and Heather Stalling (Residence Life))

Our Beliefs

“What beliefs must we embrace to achieve our vision for students of color at The University of Iowa?”

1. We believe that we can create an environment where students of color can thrive and succeed.

2. We believe every student can and will succeed.

3. We believe a culture of change is essential, and in order to succeed we must work together.

4. We believe diversity is essential and excellence requires diversity.

5. We believe that the future of the university depends on building a critical mass of students, faculty, and staff of color.

6. We believe that ongoing cultural competency is important for everyone and acknowledge that each of us is in a different place in our growth and understanding.

(“Refining Our Beliefs” Work Group: Nancy Humbles (Center for Diversity & Enrichment), Belinda Marner (Student Services), Jeanne Meyer (Center for Diversity & Enrichment), Marisa Moore (Center for Diversity & Enrichment), Johnnie Sims (Center for Diversity & Enrichment), and Don Yarbrough (Center for Evaluation and Assessment))

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Cultural Competence


Recruitment of Students of Color


Retention of Students of Color