Recruitment of Students of Color

This work group originated from the Moving Forward Together project. The focus is on what the people in the group can do, collectively, to affect the recruitment of students of color to Iowa.  Co-chairs of the group are John Laverty, Admissions and Nancy Humbles, Center for Diversity and Enrichment.  The Recruitment Committee has been hard at work on many aspects of recruiting student of color to Iowa. They have worked collaboratively with many offices on campus to develop two great videos:

College Possible and Universidad Posible. These are intended for UI faculty, staff, and students to use in presenting to minority, low-income and first-generation students and/or their parents during middle school or early high school.  Limited DVD copies for outreach purposes are also available; over 300 copies were mailed to Admissions/CDE “diversity contacts” in Iowa schools, educational programs and community partner organizations. Faculty and staff may want to consider including a panel of current UI students when using these to tell their personal stories about preparing for and succeeding in college.

PowerPoints to accompany the videos for both parent and student audiences are located online at

Special thanks to the staff members in the Center for Diversity & Enrichment, Office of Admissions, and Center for Media Production Video Unit for all of their hours of work on this project! These videos are also currently appearing on UITV. If you use the videos, please email John Laverty (Office of Admissions) or Nancy Humbles (CDE) to let us know the “who/what/when/where” so we can keep track of its usage. We are also available to answer questions about this project as co-chairs of the committee.