Upcoming April SST Meeting

Tuesday, April 30th,  10:30 am - Noon in 2520D UCC


1. In Service of What? Helping our Undergraduates Make Meaning of Service Experiences

You will hear from staff and faculty members who have had the opportunity to take students on service-related trips to Mexico, Memphis, and Las Vegas. While each trip was different, common themes and challenges emerged. The lessons learned can assist any of us who hope to help our students gain knowledge and develop skills related to community building, whether we ever take a group of students to Vegas or not.

 Questions we’ll explore include:

  • What attitudes, skills, and knowledge are critical for our students in becoming lifelong community builders?
  • How can we help students come to an understanding of service as about the community need (vs. their own need)?
  • What do students learn from being in relationship with others that they cannot get from service in isolation?

And for our SST participants:

  • What can I do in my daily work that helps students build critical skills and knowledge related to the above (even if I never take a trip to Vegas!)?

2. Initial Institutional Findings from MAP-Works