Upcoming February SST Meeting

February 19th, 2:15-3:15 p.m. in S401 PBB


  • “Not Just Another Alcohol Presentation” -Kelly Bender (see description below)
  • Student Experience in Research Universities Survey -Wayne Jacobson

Description: Kelly Bender, Campus-Community Harm Reduction Initiatives Coordinator, will present research-based information that forms the basis for a recommendation that, within our current harm reduction approach, we deliver more consistent and direct messages encouraging students to delay drinking until they are 21 if they choose to drink at all. Kelly will also review highlights from research that shows what works and what doesn’t work to change the culture of high-risk drinking on college campuses.

Participants will learn:

  • Research-based reasons why delaying drinking is beneficial for our students
  • Research-based responses to common myths and misconceptions about what works to reduce high-risk drinking by youth and young adults
  • Evidence-based strategies to create population-level changes in college drinking culture
  • How SST members can make a difference in the college drinking culture through everyday interactions with students